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NovoMatrix reconstructive tissue matrix

NovoMatrix™ reconstructive tissue matrix

The next generation soft tissue augmentation material

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Safety First eGuide book

Accelerate Bounceback E-Guide Book

A helpful guide for clinics commencing normal operations and non-emergency care in implantology post the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed “by dentists for dentists”, this guide is a collection of resources, tips and tricks, advice, professional knowhow and shared personal experiences by various dentists. This is an overall guide of the resources available to you as part of our #acceleratebounceback initiative.

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Accelerate Success with
BioHorizons Camlog

During these challenging times that the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has presented for all of us, we at BioHorizons Camlog are committed to remaining a reliable partner to you.

Our Accelerate BOUNCEBACK initiative is an example of our commitment. To ensure you can react and plan, we have created a selection of tips, ideas and exclusive partner support tools to help you plan to get back into normalcy for your business and practice. Topics include reaching out to new and existing patients; what safety measures are required for your team during surgery, a selection of further education courses for yourself and your team. These are just a few examples of the tools we provide via our BHCL site portal for dental professionals.

Product highlights

Product offers tailored to your business ramp-up. With specifically designed bundles and offers available on a wide range of dental solutions we can support your business on its return to work.

CONELOG Progressive-Line Implants

CONELOG® Progressive-Line Implants

CONELOG® Progressive-Line implants were developed to facilitate immediate treatment concepts from implant placement to restoration, and to provide confidence in all bone types. The deep conical connection with integrated platform-switching provides superior positional stability for accurate placement of the abutment.

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BioHorizons Tapered Pro Implants

BioHorizons Tapered Pro Implants

Immediate implant treatment requires predictability. BioHorizons Tapered Pro implants have been developed based on over 10 years of tapered implant success. The unique design elements provide a predictable solution with increased primary stability for immediate treatment, improving the capabilities of BioHorzions tapered line.

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BioHorizons NovoMatrix Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

BioHorizons NovoMatrix Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

NovoMatrix is an acellular dermal matrix consisting of tissue-engineered porcine material. NovoMatrix™ is a breakthrough in xenogenic processing ensuring a structurally intact, undamaged scaffold. The proprietary tissue processing maintains tissue integrity and supports tissue regeneration by allowing rapid revascularization, fibroblast repopulation and a minimal inflammatory response - ultimately being transformed into host tissue for a strong, natural repair.1,2

  1. Host response to human acellular dermal matrix transplantation in a primate model abdominal wall repair.
    Xu H, Wan H, Sandor M, et al. Tissue Eng Part A 2008;14(2):2009-2019.
  2. Extracellular wound matrices: a novel regenerative tissue matrix (RTM) technology for connective tissue reconstruction.
    Harper JR, McQuillan DJ. Wounds. 2007;19(6):163-168.
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Intraspin® L-PRF regeneration

The IntraSpin System is intended to be used for the safe and rapid preparation of autologous Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) from a small sample of blood taken chairside.

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