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A Successful SEPA 2021

The BioHorizons Camlog team would like to express our gratitude to the experts and tutors involved and to the 470 clinicians from 52 countries around the world who attended the programme.

The Excellence in Regenerative Therapy Corporate Forums took place during SEPA’s Bone Regeneration Online Global Summit on Wednesday 15th and Friday 17th September 2021. During the 2 days a leading field of 8 dental experts in regenerative surgery gave live surgery, hands-on workshops and corporate forum lectures.
The symposium is available on demand here with login details provided by SEPA.

During the forum, esteemed experts hosted virtual master sessions that focused on the current understanding on the benefits of L-PRF in oral surgery, providing evidence-based concepts.  Experts included Lidia Hermida-Nogueira, Nelson Pinto, Marc Quirynen, Anton Sculean, Tiziano Testori, Juan Blanco, Andrés Pascual and Gil Alcoforado

On the first day, Lidia Hermida - Nogueira focused on the biological rationale of the L-PRF and why it works, whilst Marc Quirynen discussed how to optimally prepare the L-PRF in terms of membranes, plugs and blocks. Examples of clinical indications were shared via case presentations with Nelson Pinto showcasing Ridge Preservation and Biomimetics, Juan Blanco focusing on Sinus lift and 3D augmentation as well as Soft Tissue Management and Marc Quirynen sharing Guided Bone and Guided Tissue regeneration. Gil Alcoforado will moderate the session.

Later the same day during the final part of these corporate forums, a new panel of experts consisting of Anton Sculean, Tiziano Testori & Juan Blanco (moderated by Andres Pascual) discussed Novel regenerative concepts - biological rationale and clinical applications of a new dermal matrix (NovoMatrix) in soft tissue augmentation and GBR indications. 

The second part of the forum was hosted by Prof. Juan Blanco, who performed live surgery focusing on ‘Successful management of soft tissue in GBR procedures applying a novel regenerative acellular matrix’. This was live broadcasted from Santiago de Compostela, Spain to 7 hands-on workshops throughout Europe.