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EAO Digital Days

The BioHorizons Camlog Corporate Forum will broadcast live on Oct. 13th 2021

During the 2nd edition of the EAO Digital days hosted by the European Association of Osseointegration BioHorizons Camlog will participate again as Diamond Sponsor contributing with an exciting corporate forum taking place on Wednesday, October 13th, 20:25 – 20:55 CET. 

With a focus on improving regeneration and implants longevity, BioHorizons Camlog corporate session will be presented by recognised experts and educators from Europe and the US, who will share their clinical recommendations for achieving a desired aesthetic result via a multi-disciplinary approach. 
Among the topics presented include modern immediate placement approaches while working fully digitally (Dr. Ramón Gómez Meda {Spain}); and how treatment options may be increased with the use of short implants (Dr. Michael Pikos {USA}). 

Focusing on biologics; in what way adding L-PRF matrices improves membrane-healing via the release of growth factors while serving as an antibacterial barrier will be reviewed (Marc Quirynen {Belgium}). Plus, clinical results when using a novel porcine derived acellular dermal matrix will be evaluated (Katja Nelson {Germany}). 
Access to each individual full lecture will be available after the corporate forum. 


From October 8th to November 8th 2021 the EAO will offer its members again a dedicated online platform that includes 3 live evenings with high scientific interactive TV shows from October 12th to October 14th. More information and free registration to this year’s program visit the EAO website.