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Sometimes less is more: The PROGRESSIVE-LINE Flex tray

The PROGRESSIVE-LINE Implant system is based on an implant that is geared to facilitate immediacy concepts such as immediate placement and restoration. With highly efficient protocols for the implant bed preparation for all bone types, the well-thought-out features of this apically tapered implant are particularly advantageous in soft bone.

The new PROGRESSIVE-LINE Flex tray offers practical benefits for the surgical team, and is a cost- and time-saver for the dental clinic.

The PROGRESSIVE-LINE Flex tray is as small as a postcard! With a reduced number of instruments required for surgery, PROGRESSIVE-LINE Flex offers an efficient drilling protocol for multi-implant cases. This streamlining means efficiency during and after surgery.

The drills are clearly marked with color-coded lines that serve as a guide throughout the drilling protocol. In addition, the instruments for implant placement are organised according to a surgeon’s preferred surgical placement procedure. Finally, efficiency and ease of use during surgery is ensured with the visual drill-marks for guidance orientation for drill-depth during surgery. This is all combined in a tray, which has been validated for automated cleaning* and sterilization. 

These benefits make the PROGRESSIVE-LINE Flex tray a win-win solution for the whole dental team.
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*Ratchet and holding key cannot be cleaned inside the kit; ratchet must be disassembled for cleaning. See reprocessing work instruction.